Pressure Cleaning Sydney

We specialise in pressure cleaning for both residential and commercial properties.

For the last 20 years, Mi Painting has been trusted by our clients for our efficient pressure cleaning services. We are a top pick in pressure cleaning for Sydney homeowners because they are having consistency and precision. Additionally, they recognise that we are the state-of-the-art pressure washing firm that offers industrial and residential cleaning services.

Our team is extremely sensitive to information if you require a roof cleaning, house cleaning, air vent cleaning, mould and algae care or window cleaning. With pressure cleaning, we can give that shiny touch to your property. We use the latest available tools, and use years of practice to have excellent pressure cleaning results in Sydney.

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Pressure Washer Sydney

For Sydney homeowners who want to provide an appealing exterior, Mi Painting provides the best solution. To pressure wash, one uses a pressure washer to scrub a surface of soil, waste, stains, and other components. There’s hardly anything that cannot be washed with pressure washing; you will scrub patios, floors, vessels, cars, outdoor furniture, plastic playsets, grills, walkways, driveways, and even the siding and fencing.

While you might have some instinctive understanding of the strength and scale you require from anything like a lawnmower, many homeowners, are less comfortable with utilising a pressure washer. Non-standard usage of the object may harm the item or surfaces. So, going for a professional pressure washing service in Sydney is always a recommendation.

Professional Pressure Cleaning

We are the professional Pressure Cleaning Company. Pressure washers are mainly used to get dirt and grime off, but they won’t kill mildew or strip paint. To get the best result, test the setting and spray pattern beforehand in an inconspicuous place.

Cleaning siding for painting begins at 4 ft. from the house. Slowly move the wand in closer until you achieve the desired cleaning effect. Grip the spray wand with two hands, directing the water stream at a 45degree angle to the siding while moving constantly.

The process to perform Pressure Cleaning :

  • Start washing with a gentle circular motion. For even cleaning, dry the siding by working from the top down.
  • Keep the spray wand at an angle to the siding to ensure the best cleaning results without gouging wood, denting metal or vinyl. Do not spray the wand “head-on” to the siding. This will move the dirt into the siding rather than washing it away.
  • Houses built before 1977 may contain lead paint chips that must be collected and properly disposed of at a hazardous waste facility. Lay tarps around the perimeter to protect plants and collect paint chips blown off during cleaning cycles.
  • Avoid spraying windows. High-pressure sprays break them.
  • Avoid driving water into the siding with a level spray stream. Don’t reach higher areas with a lance extension. It can collide with power lines.

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